Renata Lucas presents site-specific installation “Ø”

(Vienna, Austria)

Renata Lucas presents a site-specific intervention at gallery Secession entitled “Ø”. In it, the artist has mixed literature fragments, musical phrases and architectural elements to map literal as well as symbolic escape routes, and in both senses the visitors to the exhibition are revealed to be the protagonists who complete her work.

Renata Lucas’s works examine how the built environment informs social relations and actions. The artist considers structural elements as language of a space, thus in site-specific interventions, she manipulates architectural structures to deconstruct socially defined spaces and their uses and test novel and playful possibilities. By way of addition, duplication, or superimposition, she designs subtle modifications that suggest alternative perceptions of a place.

Renata Lucas realizes her intervention “Ø”. Two revolving doors that rotate in both directions and visually blend in with the building’s general style guide the visitors in an almost dancelike movement from the gallery’s entrance to the emergency exit on the other side. At the same time, the revolution of the doors actuates a mechanism that operates two record players embedded in the floor. The moment one of the doors turns to allow someone to pass in or out of the room, the associated turntable is set in motion and a sound is heard: visitor movement and the acoustic environment are immediately correlated, although the melody, a sample from a pop song, is distorted—the pitch is too high or too low, and sometimes the music even plays backwards, depending on the speed and direction in which someone pushes the door. In an allusion to her intervention and the visitors’ movements, Renata Lucas has selected short snippets from the song’s lyrics: “she’ll come,” “she’ll go.” The music is trapped in an endless loop: the needle keeps skipping back, its path blocked by a piece of tape.

“Ø”, site-specific intervention by Renata Lucas
On view through 25th January 2015

Friedrichstraße 12, A-1010
T.: +43 1-5875307

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