Tonight | Cine Lage presents works by Cao Guimarães, Dora Longo Bahia and Jonathas de Andrade

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Every last Friday of the month, the Parque Lage Visual Arts School (EAV-Parque Lage) presents Cine Lage sessions. This Friday the 28th the screening includes films by Cao Guimarães, Dora Longo Bahia and Jonathas de Andrade, who have participated in the 3rd edition of project “Travessias”. At the end of the session a talk will be held with Daniel Senise, Luiza Mello (one of the organizers behind “Travessias”) and members from artist collective Imagens do Povo.

The “Travessias” project celebrates the meeting between visual contemporary arts and popular space. It is an exhibition, a space for dialogue, of democratic information movements and new possibilities of thinking in the Maré, an unprivileged area in rio. Unbounded by territorial and social distinctions, “Travessias” puts favelas in an aesthetic reference, mobilizing processes of creation and enjoyment.

Screening programme:
Cao Guimarães

Cao Guimarães figures among the Brazilian authors who deal systematically with movies in the art field. His order could be described as craftsmanly, insofar as it empties the notion of cinema as the summation of different technical jobs–-a summation in which construction layers are superimposed to create images in motion.

Da Janela do meu quarto, 2004 (5’)
Concerto para clorofila, 2004 (7’25’’)
Peiote, 2007 (4’)
Coletivo, 2002 (3’)

Dora Longo Bahia
The artist uses various techniques – painting, photography, video – but defines herself as a producer of images. Many of her paintings are made based on photographs projected onto two-dimensional platforms. The use of figuration is an important aspect in her work, that draws attention to materiality and the action of time to which images are inevitably destined to.

Passasjer, 2013
Lucifer, 2014

Artist collective Imagens do Povo
Luz em Processo n.1, 2014 (9’)

Jonathas de Andrade
As farm animals are prohibited anywhere in Recife, everyone who gets about by horse is made invisible from the point of view of the law. Only by dealing with the race as if it were scene from a movie – by being able, therefore, to have it considered as being to some extent a piece of “fiction” – is what would make the event feasible and fit to obtain the authorizations needed to make it happen from the official point of view.

O Levante, 2012 (9’13’’)

Luiz Zerbini
Sertão, 2009 (21’15″)
Cerco, 2013 (9’23″)

Sandra Kogut
Um filme na Maré, 2014 (30’ 16’’)

Cine Lage – Travessias, with Cao Guimarães, Dora Longo Bahia and Jonathas de Andrade
Friday, 28th November, from 8pm

EAV – Parque Lage
Rua Jardim Botânico, 414
T.: 21 32571800 | 21 32571840

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