Ding Musa presents solo show “Unequal Sign”

(São Paulo, Brazil)

Ding Musa presents his solo show “Unequal Sign”, on view through the 20th December at Galeria Raquel Arnaud.

In his first solo show at Raquel Arnaud, Ding Musa gathers in “Unequal Sign” a series of works dealing simultaneously with the concept of limits and infinite. “The idea of infinte as a failed sensitive experience, or as a human attempt to experiment it through aesthetic and maths and the representation of its limits”, the artist points out.

These recent works by Musa, photographs, metal objects, tile walls and mirror installations, photography – individually or in pairs, toying with parallels and mirroring, according to critic Paulo Miyada make us think of chemistry formulas, algebra proportions, geometric equations and balancing of forces. “They are fundamental, educational notions as they leave us to express, quantify and calculate the relations between abstract magnitudes”, he says.

According to Miyada, many of the works on view, mostly when there are two similar parts, invite the viewer to scrutinize possible differences between them. “To perceive apparent equality relations and the infinite inequalities that reality brings. It is a practice that would do good in questioning “exact sciences” that education applies to fields of knowledge closer to formulas and equations”, he adds.

“Unequal Sign”, solo show by Ding Musa
On view through 20th December

Galeria Raquel Arnaud
Rua Fidalga, 125
Vila Madalena
T.: 55 11 30836322

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