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This week at MAM-Rio

Opening this week, Operação Condor – João Pina, show with images about a secret plan that “brothered” six latin-american countries during Cold War, discovered by João Pina. The popular blog “Caneta, Lente e Pincel” leaves its virtual platform to display brand new works in an exhibition which is an artwork in itself in a contemporary artistic action. Exhibition with sculptures by Amilcar de Castro all over the museum’s area, divided in four categories: Outdoors sculptures, Sculpture and method, Drawings and Graphic Design. See the full Museum programme, the Cinematheque calendar and screening times and the Education and Art activities.


Artsy highlights the participation of Brazilian artists and galleries at Art Basel Miami Beach 2014

The website Artsy published an article highlighting the participation of Brazil’s galleries and artists, like Leme Gallery and the artist Maria Laet, at Art Basel Miami Beach. “Brazil has an especially strong presence at Art Basel Miami Beach this year, as does Latin America more broadly. With its proximity to the South and its richly diverse Latin demographics, the Miami fairs have always had a greater pull for the region, but this year Brazil plants an even larger stake on the international art stage, mirroring the growing institutional focus on South American artists around the world”.

Frieze Artist Award searches for new contemporary artists around the world

The Frieze Artist Award is a major opportunity to present ambitious, site-specific work as part of the Frieze Projects programme. The Award is open to UK and international artists between 25–40 years of age. Artists are invited to propose a new work to be realized at Frieze London 2015 as part of Frieze Projects programme, produced under the guidance of curator Nicola Lees and the Frieze Projects team.

Group show in Madrid features new project by Matheus Rocha Pitta

(Madrid, Spain) The exhibition “Si no todas las armas, los cañones” presents the investigative and creative works carried out through six weeks by nine artists, residence participants of the El Ranchito programme. What all their projects have in common is the process and embodiment of an idea that transforms itself, lose information along the way but maintains the essence of the original plan. In this edition, both institutions sought projects that reflect about art and urbanism, from a multi-disciplined perspective.

Runo Lagomarsino participates in group show that examines the symbolical meanings of lines

(Gotenburg, Sweden) “Mark the Line” explores the line’s constant presence in our lives, how it, materially and immaterially, always affects and restricts. It focuses upon the line as both signalling division and creating a unity of space, charged with profound political, emotive or social implications. In its simplicity, the line sustains itself as a potent expression of political messages and humane action. The exhibition gathers issues around “territory”; how one space is demarcated from another.

Installation “Desvelo y Traza” by Sara Ramo on view in Spain

(Lleida, Spain) By organising abandoned objects found in the Centre, Sara toys with the public’s mperception of the space and asks them to extract from their personal imaginary whatever images they feel like. So with this propose, it is the viewers themselves who build what they see or not. Subtly, shapes become visible among the shadows. Facing a reality in which we are used to the immediate, nonstop sequence of images, the artist invites the public to exercise their patience, waiting and discovering. This scopic pulse makes the public want to sort out what is there in the dim light and activate their imaginaries in order to find out.

Opening | Group exhibition “Wrong Move”

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) This exhibition is based on this idea of constant movement that nevertheless goes nowhere. In turning out to be inconclusive and false, movement acquires a new meaning, transforming from physical to metaphorical, poetic and, ultimately, political, thereby showing the highly symbolic value of the way the various meanings of the term inter-relate. Daniel de Paula, Ivan Grilo and Letícia Ramos are some of the artists featured in this show. For some of them, ‘movement’ is a central recurring element.

Opening | Group show “Expo 14/15”

(São Paulo, Brazil) Artists such as Ana Mazzei, Cristiano Lenhardt, Erika Verzutti, Michel Zózimo, Nino Cais, Rodolpho Parigi, Sofia Borges, Theo Craveiro and Tony Camargo take part in this exhibition. The group show reminds the universal exhibitions that happened in the beginning of the 20th Century in a certain way, searching for figurative works, predominately sculptures. In these exhibitions, a variety of objects were exposed, industrial, artistic and science innovations, that tried to present a prospect of human knowledge, organising and cataloguing it.

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