Daily Archives: December 16, 2014

Opening | “Esforço Repetitivo”, solo exhibition by João Angelini

(São Paulo, Brazil) The works of João Angelini gathered here, every one of them in some form tributaries to the principles of animation, move between these poles. In “L.E.R.”, the bureaucratic routine of the stamping-protagonist wins, the juxtaposition of hundreds of long exposure photographs, with a frantic, surreal and mechanic character. Represents an image of repetitive and alienated labour, built, also, by a repetitive technique, but far from any automatism: without post-production, the video is a direct heir of traditional animation, with an almost choreographic care in the registry of each frame in which actor moves his body and head at different speeds.

Opening | “Cirandar Todos”, solo exhibition by José Damasceno

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) “Cirandar Todos” entitles one of the works presented by José Damasceno and gives name to the exhibition. This title is inspired by a typical Brazilian folkloric song, popular between children. The artwork is constituted by 150 wood mannequins, connected by a hidden magnet creating a circle. “The installation with these miniatures have the goal to shock when compared to the exhibition space, subverting expectation and the habitual use of the space. The surprise element and the perplexity that this artwork should provoke are important for the artist’s conception of the show”, affirmed Ligia Conongia, who curates the exhibition.

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