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2014 Retrospective and Happy 2015!

2014 was the year of Prêmio IP Capital Partners de Arte ( PIPA Art Prize) 5th edition.
We must say that we are very happy with all that has been achieved in all these years.
In 2014 international media highlighted Brazilian artists to be watched, and all of them were former PIPA finalists. Two of them will be representing Brazil at Venice Biennale 2015.
The 2014 exhibition at MAM was a huge success, with very good works showed by the finalists, crowning the work of Alice Miceli, elected PIPA 2014 winner by the audience and the Award Jury.
On the online category there were two winners Paulo Nimer Pjota elected by the jury and Diego de Santos was the most voted on the internet voting.
On Facebook PIPA has now more than 200k followers.
Check more on the 2014 retrospective.
We from PIPA team wish all our friends a Very Happy New Year!

This week at MAM-Rio

The permanent exhibition “Genealogias do Contemporâneo”, curated by Luiz Camillo Osorio, was completely refurbished in 2013 and includes a set of works by Arlindo Daibert. “Thresholds – Joaquim Paiva collection at MAM” is on view, with nearly two thousand works by Brazilian and foreign photographers, purchased since the 1980s. The multi-artistic collective “Caneta, Lente & Pincel” leaves its virtual platform to display brand new works in an exhibition which is an artwork in itself. See the full Museum programme, the Cinematheque calendar and screening times and the Education and Art activities.

Sara Ramo toys with the public’s perception in installation “Desvelo y Traza”

(Lleida, Spain) For this proposal, Sara invites the public to discover, using the least lighting possible, the shapes presented before them. Without any type of indication, it is visitors themselves who will reveal and trace the lines, hidden by darkness in the space. It is an exercise of confrontation with silence and of struggle with darkness, from a state before sleep in which we are conscious but just about to immerse in a state between reality and fiction.

On view | “Really Useful Knowledge”, featuring works by Carla Zaccagnini and Runo Lagomarsino

(Madrid, Spain) In endeavouring to position the notion of critical pedagogy as crucial element in collective struggles, the exhibition highlights the collective utilization of public resources, action and experiments, either forgotten or under threat of eradication, taking the museum as a pedagogical site devoted to the analysis of artistic forms interconnected with actual or desired social relations.

On view | First solo show by Daniel Steegmann Mangrané in France

(Alsace, France) “Animal que no existeix” inhabits an immaterial, abstract and unstable space. Daniel Steegmann Mangrané wanders through the show, a perceptible space with no object, developing in it, as a process of exchange and operations of transformation. The exhibition is made up of relations between subjects (entities) and exchanges of perspectives which engage the viewer in visualizing the potential for transformation of the phenomena perceived.

Last days | “Si no todas las armas, los cañones”, group show with Matheus Rocha Pitta

(Madrid, Spain) With the work “No hay pan”, Matheus Rocha Pitta points out the exchange mechanisms regulating our everyday lives. Instead of referring to money, Pitta uses a common element, like bread, and analyses it from a historical point of view, using etymology, popular tales and legends. Each day, the artist baked a bread filled with sand and offered it to someone to share. There are three series of photographs illustrating the experience.

Daniel de Paula, Ivan Grilo and Letícia Ramos take part in the group exhibition “Wrong Move”

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) For some of the artists featured in this exhibition, movement, understood here in its more conventional sense, is a central recurring element, a privileged strategy for producing work and, prior to this, building up a personal poetics. For example, Ivan Grilo’s “Voyage au Brésil” [“Voyage to Brazil”], forms part of an extensive research project on the African cultural heritage in the Northeast of the country: the trip, in this case ironically equated, in the title, with an exotic tourist experience, is a prelude to (or perhaps a tool for) reflection on the persistence of racial segregation in the country.

Group show “Expo 14/15” is curated by the artist Luiz Roque

(São Paulo, Brazil) Luiz Roque proposes a show with less of a defined narrative and more of a collection of works that match in function of their shapes, approximating to a playful aspect of this model. “I tried to search from the figurative, bringing together artworks with human, animal and mineral shapes, that show a figurative need followed by abstraction”, said the artists and invited curator.

Last days | “Matéria Superordinária Abundante”, solo show by Cristiano Lenhardt

(Recife, Brazil) Cristiano explains that he always observed the kind of social organisation that Brazilian indians have, as well as their culture, deepening his studies for a couple of years. He parts with the same idea some authors have that indian life could change the way society is in Brazil. “I speak from a perspective in which I believe this land is indian and should be respected as such, only it is not like that nor it ever was”, the artist points out.

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