Daniel de Paula, Ivan Grilo and Letícia Ramos take part in the group exhibition “Wrong Move”

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Daniel de Paula, Ivan Grilo and Letícia Ramos are some of the artists present in the group exhibition “Wrong Move”, at Luciana Caravello Arte Contemporânea Gallery, on view from today through January 17th 2015.

This exhibition is based on this idea of constant movement that nevertheless goes nowhere. In turning out to be inconclusive and false, movement acquires a new meaning, transforming from physical to metaphorical, poetic and, ultimately, political, thereby showing the highly symbolic value of the way the various meanings of the term inter-relate.

Daniel de Paula frequently uses a combination of text and image, as in the “Readings” series, records of books read “while moving” (either walking, rowing or moving in some other way), and principally in “An Attempt at Exhausting the City of Paris”, which alludes both to the literary world of Georges Perec’s essay An Attempt at “Exhausting a Place in Paris”, and to Bruce Naumann’s famous solitary actions in his studio.

Ivan Grilo’s “Voyage au Brésil” [“Voyage to Brazil”], forms part of an extensive research project on the African cultural heritage in the Northeast of the country: the trip, in this case ironically equated, in the title, with an exotic tourist experience, is a preludeto (or perhaps a tool for) reflection on the persistence of racial segregation in the country.

In “Jardim fantástico” [“Fantastic Garden”], Letícia Ramos creates the impression of a film using photographic images. Obviously, every film works this way, with movement emerging from the juxtaposition of frames. But, in this case, the illusion can be said to be even greater, since the sensation of movement is not generated by the rapid succession of images collected at the same point for a certain period of time, but of photographs taken at the same time from different points, using a multi-lens camera developed by the artist herself.

For some of the artists featured in this exhibition, movement, understood here in its more conventional sense, is a central recurring element, a privileged strategy for producing work and, prior to this, building up a personal poetics.

“Wrong Move”, with Daniel de Paula, Ivan Grilo and Letícia Ramos
Curated by Jacopo Crivelli Visconti
Opening: December 11th, from 7pm to 10pm
On view through January 17th 2015

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