Last days | “Arte Pará”, group exhibition with Dirnei Prates and Henrique César

(Belém, Brazil)

After looking through over 660 files, the “Arte Pará” judges Paulo Herkenhoff, Eder Chiodetto, Armando Queiroz and Ernani Chaves chose 20 artists from different areas in Brazil for the exhibition, among them Dirnei Prates and Henrique César .

The jury evaluated the photographic documentation, projects and models. The aim was to promote a better judgement about artistic content. This year, every region in Brazil was covered and candidates were free to apply under 17 categories. The most popular ones were Photography, Painting and Drawing. São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Pará were the states that sent the most applications. After being selected, the artist must participate throughout the educative process, which includes seminars and talks with mediators and the public.

See the list with the selected artists:
Andrea Barreiro
Davilym Dourado
Dirnei Freire Prates
Eduardo Ekman Simões
Elaine Arruda
Flora Romanelli Assumpção
Henrique César de Oliveira
José de Almeida Viana Júnior
Juliana Notari
Lucas Ribeiro de Melo Costa
Luciana Magno
Luisa Nobrega Silva
Mariana Pedrosa Marcassa
Melissa Barbery Lima
Paul Cezanne Souza Cardoso de Moraes
Pedro David de Oliveira Castello Branco
Raquel Uendi Matusita
Ricardo Gomes da Silva
Rodrigo Arruda Proto Gonzalez
Vitor Mizael Rubinatti Dias

“Arte Pará”, with Dirnei Prates and Henrique César
On view through 9th December
Visiting: Tuesdays to Fridays, 10am to 6pm; Weekends and holidays, 10am to 2pm

Museu do Estado do Pará (MEP)

Praça Dom Pedro II, s/n – Cidade Velha
T.: 55 91 40099833

Casa das Onze Janelas
Praça Frei Caetano Brandão, s/n
T.: 55 91 40098821

Museu Paraense Emílio Goeldi
Av. Magalhães Barata, 376 São Braz
T.: 55 91 31823231

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