Last days | “Contínuo”, group show with Ana Paula Oliveira

(São Paulo and Ribeirão Preto, Brazil)

In an innovative approach, the group exhibition “Contínuo”is held simultaneously in the two Marcelo Guarnieri galleries: in São Paulo and in Ribeirão Preto, both closing on the 23rd December. Among the participants is artist Ana Paula Oliveira, presenting “Vistaña”, an artwork derived from a series started nearly 12 years ago.

In a total of over 70 artworks, the curatorial concept of “Contínuo”, as well as bringing together varied languages and artists from different artistic periods, is to insert the possibility of learning about the unfoldings of the recent researches carried out by the 27 names integrating the show. “It is a panorama of artists that are represented by the gallery”, says Marcelo Guarnieri. In March, when the São Paulo gallery branch opened, the gallerist spoke about his wanting to propose an exchange between the two branches.

Ana Paula Oliveira rethinks her works dimensions in the research “Harbour View”, (2012), by presenting smal-scaled sculptures. Creating a kind of see-through glass canvas over layering, placed side by side asymmetrically, the objects suggest spaces and perspectives related to the exhibition area.

Participants: Alice Shintani, Amelia Toledo, Ana Paula Oliveira, Ana Sario, Cristiano Mascaro, Deborah Paiva, Edu Simões, Flávia Ribeiro, Gabriela Machado, Gerty Saruê, Guilherme Ginane, Guto Lacaz, Ivan Serpa, João Paulo Farkas, José Carlos Machado, Liuba, Luciana Ohira e Sergio Bonilha, Luiz Paulo Baravelli, Marcello Grassmann, Marcus Vinícius, Mariannita Luzzati, Masao Yamamoto, Paola Junqueira, Pedro Hurpia, Renata Siqueira Bueno, Rogério Degaki, Silvia Velludo

“Contínuo”, group show with Ana Paula Oliveira
On view through 23rd December

Galeria Marcelo Guarnieri – São Paulo
Alameda Lorena, 1966
T.: 55 11 30635410 / 11 30834873

Galeria Marcelo Guarnieri – RIbeirão Preto
Rua Nélio Guimarães, 1290
T.: 55 16 36324046 / 16 36235857

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