Sara Ramo toys with the public’s perception in installation “Desvelo y Traza”

(Lleida, Spain)

Sara Ramo presents the installation “Desvelo y traza” [“Wakefulness and Trace”] at the La Panera ArtC Centre.

For this proposal, Sara invites the public to discover, using the least lighting possible, the shapes presented before them. Without any type of indication, it is visitors themselves who will reveal and trace the lines, hidden by darkness in the space.

From a previous work entitled “Penumbra”, Sara Ramo offers an sensorial artwork based on the experience and building of images from each one’s imaginary. It is an exercise of confrontation with silence and of struggle with darkness, from a state before sleep in which we are conscious but just about to immerse in a state between reality and fiction.

By organising abandoned objects found in the Centre, Sara toys with the public’s mperception of the space and asks them to extract from their personal imaginary whatever images they feel like. So with this propose, it is the viewers themselves who build what they see or not. Subtly, shapes become visible among the shadows. Facing a reality in which we are used to the immediate, nonstop sequence of images, the artist invites the public to exercise their patience, waiting and discovering. This scopic pulse makes the public want to sort out what is there in the dim light and activate their imaginaries in order to find out.

“Desvelo y traza”, installation by Sara Ramo
On view through 18th January 2015
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