Solo exhibition by Toz brings the concept of democratic art

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Graffiti artist Toz is on view with a new solo show entitled “Um por Todos, Todos por Um” [“One for All, All for One”], at Movimento Contemporary Art Gallery. The show gives continuity to a project the artist started at Art Rua.

The exhibition comprises paintings, prints, woodcuts and toy art of Toz’s characters, Shimu and Nina, presented to the public for the first time. The show brings the concept of democratic art, in order to make it accessible to those who always dreamt of owning an artwork by Toz and starting a collection. According to museologist and art critic Isabel Sanson Portella, “Art in small multiples accessible for all. Serial reproduction is an old practice in contemporary art, since Marcel Duchamp did the Box. The artwork ceases being unique and exclusive and starts being shared, all the multiples are signed and numbered.”

The project which began at the art fair Art Rua was successful, with a record sales and sold out prints, even before the event started, with more flexible prices. As well as the toy art, brand new fine art and two engravings will be displayed, specially produced for this exhibition. “Toz is a guy who can please children and elders alike and his oeuvre dialogues with different social classes. The same way there are collectors investing great amounts in exclusive paintings by him, there are many fans who would love a chance to purchase an artwork signed by him and that express that desire on social networks. So that we bet on serial prints, that have affordable prices combined to a moderate circulation”, says Ricardo Kimaid, Movimento Gallery owner, in an interview to the newspaper O Globo.

“Um por Todos, Todos por Um”, solo show by Toz
On view through 30th December
Free admission

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