Daily Archives: January 4, 2015

Last days | Situações Brasília 2014 Prize awards 25 artists

(Brasília, Brazil) The Federal District Contemporary Art Prize, Situações Brasília 2014, opens today an exhibition gathering 20 artists through an open announcement, among them Beto Shwafaty, Erica Ferrari, Marcelo Moscheta, Mariana Manhães and Regina de Paula. Another five artists were invited to participate in the group show and had works donated to the National Museum of the Republic, where the exhibition is being held; they are Luiz Braga, Lucia Koch, Rodrigo Braga, Gê Orthof and Paulo Monteiro.

Last days | “Mark the Line”, group show featuring Runo Lagomarsino

(Gotenburg, Sweden) “Mark the Line” is an examination of “the line”, not only as a sign of stylistic expression embodied in works of art, but a symbol, the direct, often unmediated expression of intellectual and psychological content. The exhibition explores the line’s constant presence in our lives, how it, materially and immaterially, always affects and restricts. I

Last days | André Komatsu at “Beyond the Supersquare”

(New York, US) These are the last days to visit “Beyond the Supersquare”, an exhibition that addresses the remnantes of modernism in Latin American and the Caribbean. Drawings, photography, sculpture, installation, and video by artists such as Leonor Antunes, Carlos Garaicoa and Livia Corona will be displayed.

Last days | “Diagonal Section”, installation by Marcius Galan

(Paris, France) “Diagonal Section” is an apparently illusionist work by Marcius Galan that enables the visitor to pass “through the looking glass”, taking him on an initiatory journey. A work of great simplicity, this on-site installation features a symbolic obstacle – insurmountable in principle – that only the bravest – or the most reckless – will succeed in overcoming. The artist proposes here a play on the perception (physical or mental) of our surrounding space.

Last days | “The fifth floor”, solo show by Laura Lima

(Maastricht, Netherlands) This exhibition, developed by Laura Lima creates an innovative dialogue with museum practice through a wide range or art pieces. “The fifth floor” brings the museum to life, as it includes a series of wheelchairs converted into five modernist design classics, a mirror held up but two anonymous hands and a tailorshop that makes clothes for wooden frames.

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