Images made after the study of secret South American operation on the 70’s in exhibition by the photographer João Pina

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

The Modern Art Museum of Rio de Janeiro will be holding the exhibition “Operação Condor – João Pina” until February 22nd, with images made after the study of Operação Condor [Condor Operation], a secret plan that brought together six latin american countries and their military dictatorship in the 70’s, giving no voice to those who opposed to the government.

João Pina took nine years until he got to Operação Condor’s final result. Between 2005 and 2014, he entered provisorily on some people lives with a camera and a audio recorder and asked them to share their memories, such as places where they lived terrible experiences. “I knew by my family about the effects that a long dictatorial regime can cause on society and on direct victims of the abuses provoked by it. My curiosity persisted enough so I could conclude what these experiences should and had to have a visual experience. I decided to use photography, that is my personal language, to observe the Condor victims”, said Pina.

The show brings black and white images together in diverse shapes. Pina investigates and documents the history of Brazilians and other South Americans that were affected by the military dictatorships in general and in particular, by Condor Operation. “The series ‘Operação Condor’ that João Pina executed in these last nine years goes beyond documental images. They talk about absence, about the loss of what is irrecoverable, about the search of missing identities and still with no explanation, about the pain of those who lost their families and friend. It’s more than an exhibition: it’s a document about scars”, affirmed Diógenes Moura, curator of the show.

“Operação Condor – João Pina” [“Condor Operation – João Pina”], by João Pina
Curated by Diógenes Moura
On view through February 22nd, 2015

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