Last days | “Esforço Repetitivo”, solo exhibition by João Angelini

(São Paulo, Brazil)

Leme Gallery is holding “Esforço Repetitivo” [“Repetitive Effort”], solo exhibition by João Angelini, curated by Paulo Miyada. Angelini takes part in the artistic collective Grupo EmpreZa.

The works of João Angelini gathered here, every one of them in some form tributaries to the principles of animation, move between these poles. In “L.E.R.”, the bureaucratic routine of the stamping-protagonist wins, the juxtaposition of hundreds of long exposure photographs, with a frantic, surreal and mechanic character. Represents an image of repetitive and alienated labour, built, also, by a repetitive technique, but far from any automatism: without post-production, the video is a direct heir of traditional animation, with an almost choreographic care in the registry of each frame in which actor moves his body and head at different speeds. So, creative and labour repetitions converge into a single narrative.

On the other hand, in another room of the exhibition, “Lines”, (in collaboration with Luciana Paiva) employs similar technical principles in the making of a simple allegory of the “anima” which the cartoon lends to the traces. The illusion that the succession of frames creates – that the static sketches are alive and moving – becomes almost palpable when are drawn in the hands of a man and a woman that meet, converge and depart in a miniature dance that could never end. Thus, repetition and invention are levelled up in a single plane, as if they never needed to have been designed separately.

Between these two videos, the body of work plays with the open possibilities, sometimes referring to the hardness of labour, sometimes referring to the charm of the gesture in motion. Synesthetic, the new “Funk de 4” installation, makes from the rhythmic change of channels from four out-of-tune old TVs, the principle of a “batidão” which we slowly recognize, almost unbelieving that the images and appliances, that refer to obsolescence and noise, can tune into a recognizable melody. There is no real animation, but the game between continuity and cut that this, even more than at the movies, taught us to understand.

Nearby, on top of two bases, the work “Moeda Fria: R$ 1,00” [“Cold Currency: R$ 1,00”] and “Nota Fria: R$ 100,00” [“Cold Note: R$ 100,00”] employ yet another synaesthesia to make money burn infinite and aseptically. The big and small money appear equally harmed by the flames as if they were still burning. Now, is our ability to interpret information in different planes as one (something as practiced while watching cartoons’ traditional technique) that consumes the illusion of the never-ending fire to consume its substrate. This is the same ability to deceive that lend to the next work, “Corda Gota” [“Rope Drop”], led to believe that there is water where there is not, that something is actually happening before us.

At the end, back to the smaller exhibition room, is “Molécula” [“Molecule”], which takes us back to the delicate ability to enchant with what – rationally – we know just be photographed and mounted lines one after another.

“Esforço Repetitivo”, solo exhibition by João Angelini
Curated by Paulo Miyada
On view through January 24th 2015

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