Last days | “Isto é arte? Isto não é arte?”, group show with Marco Antonio Portela

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

The gallery VG Arte Contemporânea holds the group show “Isto é arte? Isto não é arte?” [“Is this art? Isn’t this art?”] , curated by Marilou Winograd. It has Marcel Duchamp’s ideas as guidelines, that redefine what are was and what it could be. In the exhibition are objects, videos, backlight, interactive and performance works by 20 artists that were challenged to produce brand new works within this theme, including Marco Antonio Portela.

Feature artists: Alexandre Dacosta, Alexandre Murucci, Angela Nabuco, Claudia Malaguti, Ecila Huste, Enéas Valle (Professor da EBA-UFRJ), Greice Rosa, Helena Wassersten, Julia Martino, Katia Gorini, Lucia Avancini, Lucio Volpini, Marco Antonio Portela, Marilou Winograd, Mario Camargo, Osvaldo Carvalho, Osvaldo Gaia, Pedro Paulo Domingues, Suely Farhi and Sergio Campos.

Marco Antonio Portela presents the piece “Solitário” [“Solitary”] in the exhibition. The feeling of a collector of small, precious things, such as jewelry, is strongly present in the work, a silver ring with a Brazilian crystal stone, carrying the portrait of a bride inside, the artist’s mother.

“When you see the work up close, you can tell it is a woman, but only with a magnifying glass you can see the veil and that it is a bride. The greatest thing about the exhibition is discovering, the investigation which often brings new information”, says Portela.

“Isto é arte? Isto não é arte?”, group show with Marco Antonio Portela
Curated by Marilou Winograd
On view through 30th January 2015
Free admission

VG Arte Contemporânea
Av. Atlântica 4240, subsolo 131
Working hours: Monday to Saturday, from 2pm to 6pm
T.: 55 21 25215247

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