Lucia Koch presents installation “Mood Disorder” at biennial “Prospect 3”

(New Orleans, US)

“Prospect 3” is an international contemporary art biennial featuring the work of 58 artists. The biennial takes place in 18 venues located throughout New Orleans. Guided by several curatorial themes, P.3’s exhibitions, site-specific installations and new works address several themes and seamlessly tie together the largesse of the show through commissions by several artists under the moniker, “All Together Now”.

For her part, Lucia Koch is presenting a new work titled “Mood Disorder”, comprised of 23 variously sized sheets of acrylic and glass painted with color gradients. The panels are sized according to “leftover” glass and acrylic panels found in the basement of the Contemporary Art Center (CAC). Koch’s panels have been airbrushed with a transparent pigment, each piece transitioning from one color into another in a seamless gradient. The pieces are displayed as if they are available for use, ready to be picked up and placed in their final locations. The colored panels lean on glass walls and windows allowing the viewer to see through them to the activity on the street, and they often overlap and interfere with each other creating new and unpredictable color gradations. Because they are made of glass and acrylic, the pieces filter the natural light entering through the CAC’s façade, effectively changing the atmosphere and creating a sense of drama or “mood” on the floors and walls of the center.

Lucia Koch uses interventions, installations, videos and photographs to explore the means for effecting change in the viewer’s experience of their environment. She photographs small, empty boxes and bags that are then printed to architectural scale. She creates exhibition spaces using surfaces as filters and filters as communication devices, while transforming atmospheres with natural and unnatural light. Whether through covering the façades, skylights and windows with translucent materials or filters, or by creating new layers between inside and outside, Koch’s interest lies in creating altered states of place.

“Mood Disorder”, installation by Lucia Koch at the Prospect 3 Biennial
On view through 25th January 2015
Visiting: Wednesday to Monday, from 11am to 5pm

Contemporary Art Center (CAC)
First floor
900 Camp Street
New Orleans, LA 70130-3908

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