Opening | “Fractura”, solo show by Maurício Ianês

(Mexico City, MX)

Casa Maauad, in a partnership with Y Gallery, is holding from tomorrow until March the solo show by Maurício Ianês, “Fractura” [“Fracture”]. The show investigates the history and the usage of two typographic gothic fonts, famous in the Middle Age.

Fractura is part of an ongoing research on the history of the typographic families Fraktur and Blackletter, which are also known as Gothic fonts. These font families have a controversial historical use, originating in manuscripts during the late Middle Ages. The difficult readability of the fonts made them usable and readable only by an elite that was not only literate, but also very cultivated. Their history is associated with the idea of exclusion and separation. Post World War II, these fonts began to reappear in underground movements such as black and heavy metal, in various logos for alcoholic beverages, and in Latin American gang culture in the form of tattoos and signage.

Fractura is based on Maurício Ianês’ research in Mexico City where he looked for the uses of Fraktur and Blackletter typography within Mexican culture and society by collecting photos, objects and printed matter. The photos and objects collected are presented among images of historical documents from the Middle Ages and Nazi Germany, creating new associations and revealing the political ideology hidden in the use of language and typography.

“Fractura”, solo show by Maurício Ianês
Opening: January 31st, at 11am
On view through March 10th 2015

Casa Maauad
Altamirano 20, San Rafael, Cuauhtémoc
T: (52 55) 4326 0180

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