PIPA nomination leads Toz to give score 10 for 2014

The artist Toz, has scored top marks to the year 2014, having been nominated for PIPA this year and have realized dreams. He was one of 16 public figures invited by Column Ancelmo Gois in the newspaper O Globo, to give zero to ten grades for the year 2014.
Other artists, such as Berna Reale always highlight the importance of PIPA award nominations on their careers.

Toz, Thomaz Viana, is a graffiti artist, born in Salvador, Bahia, who lives in Rio de Janeiro.

“His characters speak to the soul of the beholder because they are inspired by his dear people: his elderly grandparents, his niece, his wife… Therefore it appeared on the walls the old BB, the perfect translation of Peter Pan complex; sensual and sweet Nina; Shimu, inspired by his dogs; Julius. Sometime later, the character Insomnia arises from the need to create vibrations from the night, from the silence and the street noise at night. The changes of life generated a new look to the surroundings, and he realized other beings, other shades. As Toz says, “we lost sleep when we are too sad, too happy, too passionate or too disillusioned.” When he passed the night phase, he emerged the gorgeous light from the Joy Seller, the one that brings with him colorful giant balls and lightness.
Toz creates as a necessity. He thinks of canvas that depicts different times of his life, his story. Mixing materials, he scribbles and practices drawing every day in an endless search for new forms, using spray or brush, oil paint or collages. Toz writes a story inspired by the modern and urban daily life. He moves both on the streets and in art galleries where his strong style, the intense colors and the theme speak strongly to the playful space within us and invade our perspective.”
– excerpt from a text by Isabel Sanson Portella, art critic and curator.

Video made by Matrioska Filmes exclusively for PIPA 2014.

Berna Reale is another artist who always emphasizes the fact that her nomination for PIPA was very important for her career. Watch this video recorded in 2013. Berna Reale also certainly has much to celebrate in the year 2014. She made a solo exhibition in São Paulo and was nominated to be one of the artists representing Brazil on its Pavilion at the Venice Biennale in 2015.

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