Solo exhibition by Alberto Bitar, “Imêmores Voos” on view

(Pará, Brazil)

Espaço Cultural Casa das Onze Janelas is holding until January 18th the solo exhibition by Alberto Bitar, “Imêmores Voos” [“Forgotten Flights”], result of an art announcement by Pará Arts Institute (IAP).

Alberto Bitar registered through photographs the decomposition state of airplanes that made history in North Brazil’s aviation, especially between the 60’s and the 80’s, for this exhibition. Some planes models, as Bandeirante, Brasilia, Cessna 401 e 402, Sertanejo, Skylane, used to cross the skies of the region and now are abandoned and wrapped on bushes.

Bitar’s registers are documental, but still full of movement and delirium, usually present on the artist’s works, which talks about themes as memory. “Using these memories from past in the production of my authorial works in photography and video has been recurrent and pleasant. In “Imêmores Voos” [“Forgotten Flights”], besides honoring those who used to fly over North Brazil, I remembered my father and the trips that we made when I was a kid, while taking photos”, affirmed the artist.

Bitar was supported by Infraero, a Brazilian government corporation responsible for operating the country’s airports, and the production of this work was carried out with many visits to Brigadeiro Protásio Oliveira Airport, in North Brazil, and to the country side of Pará. The images were captured by the camera in slow speed, a resource frequently used by the artist. “At first, the images were being produced only at dawn, nightfalls and nights, but I changed that due to the distance of the places where I was shooting and the time I had to do that. I had to shoot in daylight, but I really liked the result”, Alberto Bitar said.

“Imêmores Voos”, by Alberto Bitar
On view through January 18th, 2015

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