ARCOmadrid 2015 is open for public this weekend

(Madrid, Spain)

International contemporary art fair ARCOmadrid has good news for Latin American artists in 2015’s edition. With the session #SoloProjects Focus Latin America , the fair will approach diversity into Latin America’s contemporary art and will have solo exhibitions by Laercio Redondo e Lenora de Barros.

#SoloProjects Focus Latin America has grown in the last four years as a space for analysis of the creative scene and identification of key agents of Latin American contemporary art. This year, #SoloProjects at ARCOmadrid 2015 takes a new step and evolves to identify a series of key thematic areas and to foreground the work of artists, curators and thinkers who are investigating these topics. The thematic areas of investigation for #SoloProjects Focus Latin America are The legacy of Latin American avant gardes; Rethinking Formalism: Abstraction and vernacular sources; and Gender Performativity and Research-based practices in Latin America.

Laercio Redondo and Lenora de Barros will present works that brings together artists from different generations and explore the legacy of Latin American avant gardes by expanding on sources and adapting strategies, formats, and styles towards new ends. This thematic strain is particularly visible in the politically nuanced work of artists whose agendas today parallel those pursued by the historical avant garde that sought to challenge power structures and economic determinism.

“Façade” is the project presented by Laercio Redondo. The exhibition has a milestone in Brazilian modern architecture: the Gustavo Capanema building, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, as its starting point. Façade includes four main elements: a phrase cast in bronze, a film, a wall-mounted framing system, and an enlarged postcard image from the 1950s.

FACHADA / FAÇADE from LR on Vimeo.

Lenora de Barros presents her new series,regarding forms, with new pieces created specifically for the art fair. To develop this new project, Lenora revisited three important exhibitions from her career: “Poesia é coisa de nada”, from 1990, “Ping-Poema para Boris”, from 2000 e “O que que há de novo de novo, pussyquete?”, from 2001. This proposal establish a dialogue between the international constructive tradition and its expressions in Latin America. The project “regarding forms” is running for the award illy SustainArt, which will elect the best solo project at ARCOmadrid.

ARCOmadrid 2015 will begin on February 25th and will be open to public on the 27th.

For more information, access ARCOmadrid’s website by clicking here
The website Artsy launched a special platform for the fair, with over 1,000 artworks from ARCOmadrid exhibitors, artist info, as well as editorial content surrounding the fair. To access, click here.

ARCOmadrid 2015, with Laercio Redondo and Lenora de Barros
From February 25th to March 1st
Halls 7 and 9 of Feria de Madrid, Madrid, Spain

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