Last days | Group show “Efígies”

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Ateliê da Imagem Espaço Cultural is holding until February 28th the group show “Efígies” [“Effigies”], with Celina Portella, Renan Cepeda e Marco Antonio Portela, who is also the curator of the exhibition

Adapted and translated from the curatorial text, by Marco Antonio Portela:
Thinking about the concept of “effigy” – an iconic representation – in portrait made by photographers trying to reach powerful abstractions and resignifications that provide an understanding of our own nature, we see the aura and the power of constructing an image that represents mankind. The aesthetics concerns and dialogues proposed in this show approach and go apart from this concept of image representation, besides bringing freshness and opening ways for distinct poetic analysis. We come across with a lyric investigation, a search for reaching an enchantment degree and also an attempt to eternizing ourselves, almost transforming all of us into divinities.

In this diverse spectrum, we have image proposers searching, on their own way, thinking how to transfigure what is closest to us: our own image tic simulation. If we think that we always recognize ourselves when represented in any human image, self-portraits would be disposable. However, they are even more present and it’s hard to imagine its absence in the times of selfies. Thinking through the concept of allegory, when representing symbolically an object to give meaning to another, we visualize in this exhibition works committed to go beyond the looks of what’s in the surface, expressing thoughts, emotions and exceeding the idea of a metaphor.

Artists featured in this show: Ana Stewart, Arlete Soares, Bruno Veiga, Celina Portella, Daniela Dacorso, Edu Monteiro, Edu Simões, Fabian, Fábio Carvalho, Fábio Seixo, Frederico Dalton, Ismar Ingber, Joaquim Paiva, José Caldas, Kitty Paranaguá, Marco Antonio Portela, Marcos Bonisson, Pití Tomé, Renan Cepeda, Rogério Reis e Vicente de Mello.

Group show “Efígies” [“Effigies”], with Celina Portella, Marco Antonio Portela and Renan Cepeda
Curated by Marco Antonio Portela
On view through February 28th, 2015

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