On view | “A Arte da Lembrança”, group show with Alberto Bitar

(São Paulo, Brazil)

Itaú Cultural is holding until March the group show “A Arte da Lembrança – a Saudade na Fotografia Brasileira”. Alberto Bitar takes part in the exhibition among other 36 artists from different parts of Brazil.

Having one of the most universal and inexplicable feelings – expressed by the Portuguese vocabulary word: saudade (to really miss something) -, “A Arte da Lembrança – a Saudade na Fotografia Brasileira” proposes an iconographic route through images made between 1930 and 2014 by some of the most representative Brazilian photographers. But how does this relates to the contemporary Brazilian photography?

The show is curated by Diógenes Moura, who affirms: “Something of us in there, in the photographs: a destiny, a desire, a loss, a word that when pronounced won’t be able to go back, a breath, the throat of things. Symptoms of what has existed and doesn’t exist anymore, present and already past, but present besides its absence”. This exhibition can be considered as a trip through the registers that evolve personal and universal themes, as cities and their demolitions; empty objects and the past dust; the absence of a loved one, among other images frozen in time.

“A Arte da Lembrança – a Saudade na Fotografia Brasileira”, com Alberto Bitar
Curated by Diógenes Moura
On view through March 8th 2015
Free admission

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