On view | “Exposição de Verão”, with Mayana Redin

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Silvia Cintra + Box 4 gallery is holding until February 28th the group show “Exposição de Verão” [“Summer Exhibition”] 12th edition with a brand new work by the artist Mayana Redin.

This year’s proposal for “Exposição de Verão” is to escape from pre-established themes and give the artists the role of curators. They will edit and decide how the artworks will be displayed. None of the works presented by the participating artists were previously analyzed or thought as a set. According to the artists, the relations among their works were being established as they assembled them, presenting subjective or formal proximity. The gallery invited three new names, Mayana Redin, Renata Har and Omar Salomão, and asked them to invite other three artists to join the group show. Luiza Crosman, Marina Simão e Gabriela Mureb joined them.

Redin presents a brand new work, still in progress. Clay stamps were made from urban objects, mostly manholes, grids, traffic signs and car symbols. It’s a fragmented reproduction of street objects, something as a generic archeology of the city’s operation. The stamps are aligned in front of a mirror, inverting the signs presented on them (that are on negative) and at the same time, make the fingerprints on them visible, with shapes similar to meteorites.

“Exposição de Verão” 12th edition, group show with Mayana Redin
On view through February 28th

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