Opening | “Vai que Vai”, solo show by Ana Paula Oliveira

(São Paulo, Brazil)

Paço das Artes is holding from tomorrow the solo show “Vai que Vai”, by Ana Paula Oliveira.The exhibition will be on view until March.

Ana Paula Oliveira’s installation was thought exclusively to the square room at Paço das Artes. The work gathers approximately 40 glass plates, that create an amount of glass on the corner of the exhibition space. Lead and rubber fishes are glued and fulfill a double function: the rubber ones accommodate and soften the contact between the plates and the lead ones weights and stabilize the set. The fishes seem to be swimming against a steady flow.

On video, a sequence of images is shown in slow-motion from the breaking of the glass plates to the fall of the lead and rubber fishes. There are a variety of scenes, one leaving another until it becomes pure white. In this exhibition’s second moment, what was once paralyzed, gets back to movement. The artist’s action in destruction gives life back to the set presented on the square space.

“Vai que Vai”, solo show by Ana Paula Oliveira
Opening: February 21st, at 3pm.
On view through March 22nd
Free admission

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