PIPA 2015 Nominated Artists

PIPA 2015 nominated artists’ list will be released over March 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th through 3 daily bulletins (always at 11am, 3pm and 7pm). The artists are selected by the Nominating Committee members, since there are no applications for the prize.

To learn more about the Committee and the rules for the nominations, click here.

Artists are running for the categories below:
PIPA – Winner, elected by the Award Jury, will receive R$100,000. Part of this value (approximately 20%) will be directed to an artistic residency program at Residency Unlimited, in New York, for three months.
PIPA Popular Vote Exhibition – Winner, elected by the viewers at PIPA’s exhibition, at MAM-Rio, will receive R$20,000.
PIPA Online – An artist among the five most voted at PIPA’s website will be elected by PIPA Online’s Jury and receive R$10,000, plus a two month artistic residency program at Sacatar Institute.
PIPA Popular Vote Online – The most voted artist at PIPA’s website will receive R$5,000.

PIPA Online and PIPA Award Juries will be revealed in July and October, respectively.

PIPA Prize was created in 2010 and, since then, nominated artists in different editions have been highlighted in Brazil and abroad. Two examples are Berna Reale and Marcius Galan.

Berna Reale was nominated for the first time in 2012, when she won PIPA Online. In 2013, Reale was a finalist and took part on the Finalists Exhibition at MAM-Rio along with Cadu (winner of PIPA 2013 edition), Camila Soato and Laercio Redondo.

Nominated again in 2014, Berna Reale lives a huge moment in her career, being one of the three artists chosen to represent Brazil at 2015 Venice Biennale, one of the most important events for Contemporary Arts world.

Marcius Galan was a finalist at PIPA’s first edition and, until now, he is the only artist that was a finalist in two editions of the prize. The second time was in 2012, when Galan won the main category. In 2013, Marcius Galan held a solo show at the renowned English gallery, White Cube, in London.

In 2014, the Financial Times magazine, FT Magazine, pointed him as one of the five Brazilian artists who are going globe in article named “Brazil’s new generation: names to watch”, that you can read by clicking here. Besides him, other PIPA nominated artists – all of them are former finalists – were highlighted by the magazine in the same article: Renata Lucas (PIPA 2010 Winner), André Komatsu (PIPA 2011 Finalist), Cinthia Marcelle (PIPA 2010 Finalist) e Jonathas de Andrade (PIPA 2011 Finalist).

Which artists will be nominated to PIPA’s sixth edition? Check out here, from March 9th to 13th.

To read the complete list of nominated artists, from 2010 to 2014, access their pages, watch exclusive interviews and learn more about their careers, click here.

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