Sandra Cinto takes part in group show “Dancing Museum”

(São Paulo, Brazil)

The Modern Art Museum of São Paulo presents the group show “Dancing Museum”, gathering works by different artists to talk about dance.Sandra Cintotakes part in this show, curated by Felipe Chaimovich and Inês Bogéa.

In the Main Room, MAM-SP exhibit works specially selected for their potential to engage the principles of choreography, such as gravity, imbalance and fluctuation. Some of the selected pieces go beyond a merely contemplative relationship with the viewer and invite the visitors to interact. In fact, certain works can be walked around, touched, entered, climbed on, slid down, stepped on or lain across; in other words, they create situations of movement that transform the exhibition into a venue of intense physical interaction.

The Paulo Figueiredo Room is reserved for the São Paulo Companhia de Dança, with live dance sessions on certain days of the week, including Sundays. When the dancers are not performing live, videos and documentaries about the Company will be shown on a screen erected on a set specially-designed to invite and encourage dance.

“I’ve seen dance performances at museums in other parts of the world, whether once-off events or longer programs, but this is the first time that a museum in Brazil is going to produce a show that actually includes contemporary dance”, explains Chaimovich. “There’s no precedent, especially when you consider that this dance is going to emerge within MAM itself, with the power to chance through interaction with the public. It’s experimental from start to finish”, says the curator.

For Inês Bogéa, director of the São Paulo Companhia de Dança, the partnership is a dialogue between dance and the SPCD’s professionals, on one hand, and the MAM space, on the other. “We’re also looking for movement in the encounter between the dance troupe and the visiting public that could actually transform the environment, which we’ll be occupying for three whole months”, says Inês. “Performances inside museums are a growing attraction and we’re delighted to be starting that here”, she adds.

“Dancing Museum”, with Sandra Cinto
Curated by Felipe Chaimovich and Inês Bogéa
On view through March 20th

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