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Nominated Artists PIPA 2015 | 6 days left for the announcement

There are only six days left for the announcement of the artists who are running for the sixth edition of IP Capital Partners Art Prize – PIPA 2015. The names of the participating artists will be revealed next week, from Monday to Friday, in three daily newsletters, at 11am, 3pm and 7pm. The artists who are running for PIPA 2015 were nominated by the Nominating Committee, who chose up to three artists. See the number of participating artists vs. Committee Members in each PIPA edition. How many artists do you think that will join PIPA 2015?

“Actions, strategies, and situations at MAM-Rio” has works by Marcius Galan

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) Actions, strategies, and situations…” brings together stories of Brazilian and foreign art, which, according to Argentinean artist Luis Camnitzer, should be measured using different gauges, even though they are equally in a state of emergency in response to the changes in the traditional places of art.In the MAM-Rio collections there is a focus on the output of artists who have reinterpreted the place of the artwork (its artistic presence), with the object yielding its importance to language or experience. This exhibition addresses these issues without intending to dub the selected artists as “conceptual,” but rather with the idea of bringing together a diversity of materials that cast into question some of the traditional, accepted notions from the field of art, especially until the 1960s, like object, institution, circuit, reception, and history.

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