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PIPA 2015 Nominees | 3rd bulletin

This is the last bulletin for today. Tomorrow we restart the announcement of PIPA 2015 nominated artists with three bulletins, always at 11am, 3pm and 7pm. In this bulletin, you’ll meet five more nominees, with a total of fourteen names released today. One of them took part in a previous edition of the Prize.


PIPA 2015 Nominees | 2nd bulletin

This is the second bulletin with the nominees for the Prize’s sixth edition. In this bulletin, we have four nominated artists names. Two of them have already took part in previous editions of the Prize and one of them was a finalist at PIPA 2014. We have another bulletin, at 7pm (GMT-3). From tomorrow to friday, the complete list of nominees for PIPA 2015 will be revealed. Only the nominated artists that sign the Term of Participation and accomplish all the requirements of PIPA Coordination within the terms fixed, are considered Participating Artists and may run for the awards.


PIPA 2015 Nominees | 1st bulletin

This is the first bulletin with four nominees for PIPA 2015. The artists who run for PIPA are chosen by the members of the Nominating Committee 2015, which this year was composed by 31 art experts. The nominees’ list will be announced from Monday to Friday (9 to 13 March), on three daily bulletins. Each Committee member appointed up to 3 artists, having in mind PIPA’s goal of rewarding artists with recent trajectory, with work already in evidence, consistent and promising.

Opening | “Terra Comunal – Marina Abramovic + MAI”, with Ayrson Heráclito, Grupo EmpreZa and Maurício Ianês

(São Paulo, Brazil) The project is divided in two clusters: “Terra Comunal – Marina Abramovic”, with works by the performer, and “Terra Comunal – MAI”, presenting the proposal of Marina Abramovic Institute for an open public for the first time in the world. Abramovic and curators Paula Garcia and Lynsey Peisinger selected eight Brazilian names that will perform live during the event. Ayrson Heráclito, Grupo EmpreZa and Maurício Ianês are among

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