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PIPA 2015 Nominated Artists | Read the 54 names announced so far

Tomorrow is the last day of PIPA 2015 Nominees announcement. Until now, 54 of the 67 artists pointed by the Nominating Committee were released. Tomorrow at 11am, 3pm and 7pm the last three bulletins will be published, completing the list. PIPA Nominees run for 4 categories. Besides the cash value, two artistic residency programs are among the prizes, at Residency Unlimited, in New York and at Sacatar Institute, in Bahia, Brazil. Learn more about each PIPA Prize category and read the nominees listed until now.


PIPA 2015 Nominees | 12th bulletin

This is the last bulletin of for PIPA 2015 Nominees announcement today. There are only three bulletins left that will be released tomorrow at 11am, 3pm and 7pm (GMT-3), completing the 67 Nominated Artists for this edition of the Prize. In this bulletin, four artists are listed. Three of them are men and two of them were PIPA 2014 nominees. One works with performance, installation, photography, video and drawing, the other creates installations, one of them uses images of his body to create works and the last one mixes art and documentary. Read the nominees for this 12th bulletin.


PIPA 2015 Nominees | 11th bulletin

This is the eleventh bulletin with PIPA 2015 Nominees announcement. With this, only four bulletins are left. Five artists are listed and three of them have been nominated in previous editions of the Prize. Two artists from São Paulo, one from Pará (North of Brazil), one from Rio Grande do Sul (South of Brazil) and the fifth is from Mato Grosso (Central-West of Brazil). One artist was born on the 1980’s, two were born on the 1960’s and the others were born on the 1970’s and 1950’s. Read the nominees for this eleventh bulletin.


PIPA 2015 Nominees | 10th bulletin

This is the tenth bulletin with PIPA 2015 nominees announcement. We’ll have two other bulletins today, at 3pm and 7pm (GMT-3). Four artists are listed here and one of them was nominated in previous editions of the Prize. Two are women and two are men. The artists are chosen by the Nominating Committee, which this year was composed by 26 art experts. Read the nominees.

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