2015 Venice Biennial Brazilian Pavilion selected artworks announced

The works by Brazilian artists who will feature in Venice Biennial were announced this week. They will take part in the exhibition “So much that it doesn’t fit here”, curated by Luiz Camillo Osorio, assisted by Cauê Alves. Antonio Manuel, Berna Reale e André Komatsu are the artists chosen to represent Brazil in the Brazilian Pavilion. The choice had as a main criteria the relevancy of the artists poetics in the contemporary scenario and the fulfilling to a history, not only art history, but the conflicting Brazilian sociability. The title of the show was inspired by the posters seen at the protests set in Brazil on June 2013. The contact with the streets is a common point among all three artists.

By Berna Reale, the video “Americanos” [“Americans”], 2013, will be presented. In this performance, the artist penetrates into the underworld of Brazilian penitentiary, walking the Olympic Torch to Santa Izabel prison, in Pará, North Brazil.

The project “Status Quo”, 2015, and installation “O estado das coisas 2 (Três Poderes)” [“The condition of things (Three Powers)”], 2011, were the works by André Komatsu selected to be presented on the show.

The film “Semi-Ótica” [“Semiotics”], 1975, and the work “Nave”, 2013, and the installations “Ocupações/Descobrimentos” [“Occupations/Discoveries”], 1998, and “Até que a imagem desapareça” [“Until the image disappear”], 2013, by Antonio Manuel will feature in the show.

Brazilian newspaper O Globo published an article about the Brazilian artworks selected for Venice Biennial. Read the full article (in Portuguese).

2015 Venice Biennial opens on May 9th and stays on view through November 22nd.

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