Arthur Scovino | PIPA 2015 confirmed participating artist

Arthur Scovino was a PIPA Prize nominee for the first time on last year’s edition. He was selected once more by PIPA 2015 Nominating Committee, signed the Term of Participation and confirmed his participation on the prize’s sixth edition.

In 2014, we interviewed Scovino, who talked about how moving from Rio de Janeiro to Salvador, Bahia, took part in his personal project of becoming a Bahia native. He sees this experience as a “real life” art residency. In this same interview, the artist mentions his relationship with vinyl and Instagram, and their correlation.

Watch below:
Video produced by Matrioska Filmes exclusively for PIPA 2014.

Watch video performances by the artist below:

“Café com Zmário + elepês de Gal… = tente uma nova aos pés do Caboclo”, 2012, 1’07”
Exhibition “Taking Gal Costa’s vinyls for a walk…”, 2012, ACBEU Gallery, Praça Dois de Julho, Salvador, BA, Brazil
Video: Arthur Scovino

“Qui_zera”, 2011, 5’59”
Arthur Scovino, Carol Santana and Gabriel Guerra (Mi_Zera)
Performance show “Corpo Aberto Corpo Fechado”, Cañizares Gallery, School of Fine Arts of Federal University of Bahia (UFBA), Salvador, BA, Brazil
Video: Tuti Minervino

“O pôr do sol, o ciúme e o velho Chico”, 2011, 5’12”
Taking Gal Costa’s vinyls for a walk in the São Francisco river valley, Juazeiro, BA and Petrolina, PE, Brazil
Video: Euriclésio Sodré

Access Arthur Scovino’s page to learn more about his career and visit the artist’s works gallery

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