Carla Zaccagnini features group show “Moment!”

(Göttingen, Germany)

Kunstverein Göttingen art association holds from March 15th until May 3rd the group show “Moment!”, curated by Kordula Fritze-Srbic. Artworks by nine artists, including Carla Zaccagnini, will be displayed for the exhibition.

“Moment!” serves as platform for examining the culture of memory and the representation of historical events in public space. To what extent do public symbols and sites of commemoration present authoritative narratives of historical events? The selected works in the exhibition address the historical legacy of the public monument and its social implications. They examine the role of public art as a witness to processes political upheaval and change.

What are the implications of the “lasting” tradition of the monument in contrast to the “performative” gesture of protest and revolt? What conditions determine the individuals and events that are chosen to be remembered—or forgotten? Moment! addresses the act of commemoration and the respective culture of power and memory that it implicates.

The exhibition was inspired by the public debate surrounding a monument commissioned for the public square in front of the Göttingen central station. To be installed this year, the sculptural work was created by artist Christiane Möbus in memory of the so-called “Göttingen Seven,” a group of seven Göttingen professors including Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, who protested King Ernst August’s plans to alter the constitution of Lower Saxony in 1837.

Artists featuring on this show: bankleer, Sarah Burger, Anetta Mona Chişa & Lucia Tkáčová, Aleksandra Domanović, Christian Jankowski, Mahony, Christiane Möbus, Timm Ulrichs and Carla Zaccagnini.

Moment!, with Carla Zaccagnini
Curated by Kordula Fritze-Srbic
Opening: March 15th
On view through May 3rd

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