Changes on PIPA Online and partnership with Sacatar Institute maintained

In 2014, PIPA Online was dismembered in two categories. This alteration will continue for PIPA 2015.

Until 2014, PIPA Prize participating artists would run for three categories. Two of them were exclusive for the finalists, including an international artistic residency program. The third was online and all the participating artists could join.

To improve PIPA Prize, in 2014 we decided to make PIPA Online even more relevant and qualified, dismembering the category in two: PIPA Online and PIPA Online Popular. All the nominees can run for two awards, including a residency program, as well as the finalists.

In 2015, we will maintain this format, with two categories derived from an online voting:

PIPA Online – An artist among the five most voted at PIPA’s website will be elected by PIPA Online’s Jury and receive R$10,000, plus a two month artistic residency program at Sacatar Institute.
PIPA Online Popular – The most voted artist at PIPA’s website will receive R$5,000.

New rule in 2015

In 2014, an alteration was suggested by Nominated Artists and – after the Board’s analysis – it will be implemented: now, the votes won’t be reseted after the first round of online voting. The artists with that achieve 500 votes on the first round advance to the next round. Votes receives on the first round are still valid on the second round.

Sacatar Institute

In 2014, we started a partnership with Sacatar Institute. The institute operates a residency program for creative individuals in all disciplines at its estate on the Island of Itaparica in the Bay of All Saints, across from the city of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.

The Institute’s goal is to provide artists a place to live and create, generate opportunities for artists to interact and collaborate with the local and regional community, enhance the visibility and cultural impact of the host city and nation, and encourage art that returns us to where art began — to a wordless silence before all of creation

Paulo Nimer Pjota arrives in Salvador to take part in the residency at Sacatar

The artist has just arrived to Salvador, in Bahia, where he will stay for two months, participating in Sacatar Institute residency program.

In 2014, Paulo Nimer Pjota achieved 547 votes on the first round of PIPA Online and was classified to the voting second round. Nimer Pjota and the other four most voted artists (Fernando Mendonça, Diego de Santos, Daniel Escobar and Toz) competed for R$10,000 + Sacatar Institute residency program, in Bahia. PIPA Online Jury was composed by Luiz Camillo Osorio (PIPA counsellor and MAM-Rio curator), Augusto Albuquerque (from Sacatar Institute) and Lucrécia Vinhaes (from IP Institute) and declared Pjota as PIPA Online 2014 winner.

Watch the announcement video:

Watch the video, recorded on the winner’s announcement, with statements by Paulo Nimer Pjota and comments by Augusto Albuquerque, Lucrécia Vinhaes and Diego de Santos (second round most voted artist and PIPA Online Popular 2014 winner):

Access PIPA Online 2014 winner’s page, watch the videos, and learn more about his work and career, by clicking here.

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