Last days | “Afluências”, group show with Marco Antonio Portela

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Café Baroni’s art gallery is holding the group show “Afluência” [“Affluence”], with 21 artists. Marco Antonio Portela is among them.

The therm ‘Affluence’ represents growth or elasticity in situations or things in beyond normal quantities. Abundance, influx, convergence, festival, profusion. Flux, access, concentration, union, reunion, alluvium, power, movement, series, world, rain, confluence, sea, transit, frequency, ocean. It’s said that rivers, streams or creeks pour themselves into a bigger one. The idea of the show is to connect the meaning of this word to the conceptual proposal of the Cafe Gallery in 2015.

Café Baroni Bolsa do Rio’s gallery is curated by Caza Arte Contemporânea in their productions since its creation. The show opens the activities of the year and present works by Andréa Facchini, Ana Tavares, Antonio Bokel, América Cupello, Clarisse Tarram, Claudia Hirszman, Eduardo Mariz, Fábio Carvalho, Flávio Colker, John Nicholson, Jorge Calfo, Jung Wladimyr, Leonardo Ramadinha, Luiz Carlos Carvalho, Marcio Zardo, Marcelo Oliveira, Marco Antonio Portela, Mirela Luz, Osvaldo Carvalho, Paulo Jorge Gonçalves e Raimundo Rodriguez.

“Afluência”, group show with Marco Antonio Portela
Curated by Caza Arte Contemporânea
On view through March 20th
Free admission

Café Baroni da Bolsa do Rio
Praça XV de novembro, 20 – 1º ss
T: (55 21) 3982-1041

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