Last days | “Asas a Raízes”, with Gê Orthof, José Rufino and Rosana Ricalde

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

CAIXA Cultural Rio de Janeiro is holding until March 22nd the group show “Asas a Raízes” [“Wings to Roots”]. The show is curated by Sonial Salcedo del Castillo and presents works by Gê Orthof, José Rufino and Rosana Ricalde.

“Asas a Raízes”, curated by Sonia Salcedo del Castillo, brings together paintings, objects, photographs, sculptures and installations made by 10 highlighted Brazilian artists. The show discusses the limits between the dialogue among distinct artworks. “The viewers will learn more about the artists and realize that among their differences, the curatorial work intent is to highlight the existence of an exhibiting space located on the border of what is lived and what is imagined. Having roots is as important as having wings”, affirms the curator. Most part of the works exhibited were produced exclusively for the show, including “mar ! armar”, by Gê Orthof.

On March 21st, at 5:30pm, Sonia Salcedo del Castillo will host a guided visit and artists Alexandre Dacosta, Carol Marim e Xico Chaves will live perform at the event.

Artists on this show: Christus Nóbrega, Gê Orthof, José Patrício, José Rufino, Leila Danziger, Monica Mansur, Neno del Castillo, Rosana Ricalde, Xico Chaves e Zalinda Cartaxo.

“Asas a Raízes”, with Gê Orthof, José Rufino and Rosana Ricalde
On view through March 22nd
Free admission

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