Nominated Artists PIPA 2015 | 6 days left for the announcement

There are only six days left for the announcement of the artists who are running for the sixth edition of IP Capital Partners Art Prize – PIPA 2015. The names of the participating artists will be revealed next week, from Monday to Friday, in three daily newsletters, at 11am, 3pm and 7pm.

The artists who are running for PIPA 2015 were nominated by the Nominating Committee, since there are no applications for it. Members of the Nominating Committee are renowned artists, art collectors, curators, professors, art critics and gallerists, who can’t nominate artists that are commercially represented by their gallery.

Each one of them can nominate up to three artists. After being nominated, the artists have to agree with the Terms and Regulations stablished by PIPA’s Coordination for running to the Prize in its four categories:

– PIPA winner = R$100.000, part of this value is destined to finance an artistic residency program at Residency Unlimited, in New York, for three months
– PIPA Popular Vote Exhibition winner = R$ 20.000
– PIPA Online winner = one artist among the five most voted online will be selected by a Jury and receives R$ 10.000 and takes part in the artistic residency program by Sacatar Institute
– PIPA Popular Vote Online winner = most voted artist online receives R$ 5.000

From 2010 to 2012, Committee members could nominate, each one, up to five artists to run for the prize. Since 2013, this number has been reduced to three, for highlighting each artist and giving weight to each nomination. As this year we have 26 Nominating Committee members, we will have something between 3 and 78 participating artists. Read below the number of participating artists vs. Committee Members in each edition. How many artists do you think that will join PIPA 2015?

Nominating Committee members x Participating artists

2010 (each Committee member nominates up to five artists)
32 Nominating Committee members
88 participating artists

2011 (up to five nominations)
31 Nominating Committee members
72 participating artists

2012 (up to five nominations)
33 Nominating Committee members
102 participating artists

2013 (each Committee member nominates up to three artists)
25 Nominating Committee members
48 participating artists

2014 (up to three nominations)
31 Nominating Committee members
70 participating artists

26 Nominating Committee members
?? participating artists

Follow here on the website the Nominated Artists announcement, from 9th to 13th March.
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