On view | “Ambiguidades”, with Felipe Barbosa, Marco Antonio Portela and Rosana Ricalde

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Ateliê da Imagem Espaço Cultural holds the group show “Ambiguidades” [“Ambiguities”], curated by Marcio Zardo. The exhibition features works by 19 artists, including Felipe Barbosa, Marco Antonio Portela and Rosana Ricalde.

Adapted from the curatorial text by Marcio Zardo:
Incompleteness, imprecision, enigma, ambiguity are recurring terms to design mystery shapes or the ones that lead to discovery and participation.

According to French poet Mallarmé, “To name an object is to suppress three-fourths of the delight of a poem which consists of divining, little by little; to suggest it, that is the dream”

The artists featuring in this exhibition somehow use ambiguity as a fundamental value in the construction of their personal speech, frequently appreciating the ideals of informality, fragmentation, discontinuity, unfinished, and indetermination of results.

Their plastic-poetic-visual narratives don’t follow a straight line. They bifurcate, tangle, leading us to disconcerting discoveries and ruptures and opening us to new ways of looking, thinking and feeling.

Feature this show: Alexandre Dacosta, André Sheik, Bob N, Eduardo Mariz, Felipe Barbosa,Greice Rosa, Julio Castro, Leonardo Ramadinha, Lia do Rio, Marcio Zardo, Marco Antonio Portela, Mirela Luz, Osvaldo Carvalho, Patricia Gouvêa, Raimundo Rodriguez, Rogério Reis, Rosana Ricalde, Suely Farhi and Xico Chaves.

“Ambiguidades”, with Felipe Barbosa, Marco Antonio Portela and Rosana Ricalde
Curated by Marcio Zardo
On view through May 9th

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