Opening | “One Made It No Return Created Equal White Mirror Amnesia”, with Marcius Galan

(New York, USA)

Broadway 1602 gallery is holding from tomorrow until May the group show “One Made It No Return Created Equal White Mirror Amnesia”, with Marcius Galan, along with two other artists.

Adapted from the curatorial text, by Anke Kempkes:
The idea for this exhibition was anticipated by Anna Molska in one of her last projects in the gallery space in 2012. At the outlook of her two-channel film piece Glasshouses, – where she imagined that the women in the first film “The Mourners” look through the window of the derelict glasshouse in the second film “Hecatomb”, where a boy void of making sense of the world starts to whip foam pouring into the abandoned space- , she stated: “Making Hecatomb, I was already thinking about how it would be to make a film inspired by a film, inspired by a film – whether there existed an even denser essence, the message of which would be universal and clear. Perhaps such a deprivation is a path towards abstraction, but it is possible that another derivative will bring a powerful need for concreteness by making a circle starting with documentalism and ending, after passing through various stages, in the need for plot simplicity.” It was there that the thought of the white mirror was born.

What can art stimulate alternatively? As Anna started formulating it, – a move towards a derivative abstraction or liberating ‘plot simplicity’, – stepping once more through the looking glass into a detoxing sphere beyond the fashionable philosophies of late capitalist nihilism? After an intense need for excursions into the past, emancipating some art from the grip of political dismissal, in search for the ‘other avant-garde’, and to level with a corrective reception of a still radically inspiring time, when contemporary art was not yet entirely engulfed by market strata, – one feels suddenly catapulted back into a sense of new velocity. The brand new work presented by Marcius Galan, “Translucent”, 2015, derives from the same line of thought, experimentation, sensation, but is even more reduced, looking like ‘sheets of glass’ leaning against the wall awaiting their utilitarian destination (- for one premature ‘ruin’ of investment real estate?). In the course of their anticipatory existence, their (im)material presence becomes abstract.

“One Made It No Return Created Equal White Mirror Amnesia”, with Marcius Galan
Opening: March 7th, from 6pm to 8pm
On view through 2nd May

Broadway 1602
1181 Broadway Floor 3, New York
T: +1 212 481 0362

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