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Updates on artists’ pages | Antonio Bokel and Fábio Magalhães

Artists who took part in PIPA Prize, in any edition, can highlight their works in a page at our website. PIPA 2015 Nominees have already start sending material to create or update their pages – if they were nominated in previous editions. They can send any type of material, such as imagens, critical texts about their works, videos. Today, two artists, Antonio Bokel and Fábio Magalhães, had their pages updated with artworks images, information about careers and other details. Both of them were nominated for the first time in 2015. Access the pages and learn more about these artists.

Schedule | 23rd to 24th April

Check out the full agenda for this week of exhibitions and events related to PIPA artists, Nominating Committee members, Board members, MAM-Rio and relevant information about art in Brazil and abroad.

This week at MAM-Rio

Tomorrow at MAM-Rio, a live performance by artists Tiago Rivaldo, Raphael Couto, Daniel Toledo and Ana Hupe will take part in the show “To see and be seen”, recently open. The exhibition observes the Museum’s collections as a guiding element for the idea that all artworks are constructed from emptiness. “Precious few…!” is on view with a selection of works from MAM-Rio’s international collection that recreates and articulates with the permanent exhibition “Genealogias do Contemporâneo”. At the Museum’s Cinematheque, New German Cinema is highlighted this week, with films by Werner Herzog, Werner Schroeter and Alexander Kluge. See the full Museum programme, the Cinematheque calendar and screening times and the Education and Art activities.

Raul Mourão presents three new works in solo show “Please Touch”

(New York, US) Featuring three new works, the terrace installation Please Touch conveys artist Raul Mourão’s awareness of the city, with its characters, architecture, objects and accidents. Displaced from their original sites and stripped of any function, mundane street elements are further altered in shape and scale by the artist. With its humorous nods to constructive and conceptual art, Please Touch entails active contemplation from the spectator, in that it extends familiar objects into the arena of the nonsensical.

Artist talk with Runo Lagomarsino in Sweden

(Malmö, Sweden) This Sunday, artist Runo Lagomarsino joins a conversation with Gertrud Sandqvist, Dean and Professor at Malmö Art Academy. The conversation will focus on postcolonialism, feminism and other topics important to Lagomarsino in his work. The talk will be held in Swedish, in the auditorium of Malmö Konsthall. A show by the artist with Carla Zaccagnini happens simultaneously at the Museum. Zaccagnini and Lagomarsino’s artistic practices reflect the trans-nationalism of their respective biographies. Lagomarsino was born in Lund to Argentinian parents of Italian descent, who fled the country as political refugees in the mid-1970s.

Lucia Koch takes part in group show “Kaleidoscope: abstraction in architecture”

(California, US) This exhibition brings together artists from different backgrounds that engage with the languages of abstraction and architecture through different media to achieve distinctly varied results. Lucia Koch challenges the viewer’s perception and experience of space using diverse tactics within architectural settings. In addition to a video and one of her large-scale photographs of the interior of a small coffee bag, Koch will present a wall structure made of aluminum and colored acrylic panels that filter natural light.

On view | “Moment!”, group show with Carla Zaccagnini

(Göttingen, Germany) What are the implications of the “lasting” tradition of the monument in contrast to the “performative” gesture of protest and revolt? What conditions determine the individuals and events that are chosen to be remembered—or forgotten? Moment! addresses the act of commemoration and the respective culture of power and memory that it implicates. “Moment!” serves as platform for examining the culture of memory and the representation of historical events in public space.

Gabriela Noujaim gives continuity to the series “Bye Bye Brasil” in new solo show

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) Some ways of making art are full of magic. That kind of magic isn’t only represented on the tricks, but also in the way that it’s trapped into literature, music, cinema, in street artists presentations and in visual arts. There are numerous artistic expressions with different aspects. Some of them create parallel worlds, imagined by artists. In this show, the artworks by Gabriela Noujaim compose a dreamy universe that goes beyond what’s real. With “Ao artista de circo, Bye Bye Brasil”, a sequel of her previous work, Noujaim takes part in Technô project, curated by Alberto Saraiva.

Last days | Occupation ARTE SONORA, project by Franz Manata and Saulo Laudares

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) ARTE SONORA is an artistic practice by the duo Franz Manata e Saulo Laudares. The project started in 2009 at Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage and assumed numerous formats: workshops, happenings, podcasts, exhibitions, publications, radio shows, web actions and residency programs. Wednesdays and Fridays will be dedicated to The Place, a practice developed by the duo since 1998, which consists in a collective space of sound experiences, where artists, researchers, DJs, musicians and the public share their interests and experiences in sound.

Ayrson Heráclito, Grupo EmpreZa and Maurício Ianês take part in Marina Abramovic’s retrospective “Terra Comunal”

(São Paulo, Brazil) Ayrson Heráclito, Grupo EmpreZa and Maurício Ianês were some of the names pointed out by Abramovic and curators Paula Garcia and Lynsey Peisinger to present live performances during the two months show. Before the opening of the exhibition, Abramovic and Peisinger conducted a workshop for these artists, so they could be able to confront the difficulties that they will find along the two months of the show. The artists must be in line with the Abramovic Method and in the appropriate state of mind to perform their works.

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