On view | “Bye Bye Brasil, topologia do afeto”, solo show by Gabriela Noujaim

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Rezende Assessoria de Arte holds from March 24th through April 14th the solo show by Gabriela Noujaim, “Bye Bye Brasil, topologia do afeto” [“Bye Bye Brazil, topology of affection”]. This exhibition was conceives during a trip by the artist through Brazilian countryside.

Some ways of making art are full of magic. That kind of magic isn’t only represented on the tricks, but also in the way that it’s trapped into literature, music, cinema, in street artists presentations and in visual arts. There are numerous artistic expressions with different aspects. Some of them create parallel worlds, imagined by artists. Invented realities are materialized and sent to the world. In this show, the artworks by Gabriela Noujaim compose a dreamy universe that goes beyond what’s real.

In 2013 September, Gabriela Noujaim took part in an artistic residency program at Ceará, in Brazil’s Northeast. She left Rio de Janeiro, city where she lives and works, and travelled to the Brazilian countryside, in a network topology. Her final destiny was the city of Juazeiro do Norte, in Ceará. During her stay in the city, Noujaim registered the scenarios and local happenings in photographs. This registers feature the exhibition along with images from the movie “Bye Bye Brasil”, by Cacá Diegues, which portraits the life, habits and changes in Brazilian cities far from the urban centers through the circus caravan “Caravana Rolidei”.

“Bye Bye Brasil, topologia do afeto”, by Gabriela Noujaim
Curated by André Sheik
On view through April 14th

Rezende Assessoria de Arte
Rua Gen. Venâncio Flôres, 481 – Leblon
T: +55 21 2259-8029

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