Updates on artists’ pages | Antonio Bokel and Fábio Magalhães

PIPA 2015 nominees are already sending material to compose their pages in our website. Artists who have already been nominated to the Prize in previous editions can send new material and update their pages.

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Antonio Bokel was born, lives and works in Rio de Janeiro. He held his first solo exhibition in 2003, at Ken’s Art Gallery, Florence, Italy, where he lived and attended photography and history of art courses. PIPA Nominee for the first time in 2015, the artist sent six images to compose his gallery along with a text about his career.

Fábio Magalhães lives and works in Salvador, Bahia. He develops his work in painting. His pieces emerge from metaphors created from: drives, psychic conditions and substrates from a personal imaginary condition, to reach a state of Image / Body. The artist was nominated for the first time this year and his page includes a gallery with 16 images, a video, and two texts by art specialists about his work.

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