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Interview with PIPA 2015 Nominated Artists | Meet Gabriel Giucci

Every year, PIPA Nominated Artists are invited to record an exclusive interview for the Prize. With them, we learn more about the artists, their careers, ideas and motivations. Today, we release the first interview with artists nominated for the sixth edition of the Prize. We talked with Gabriel Giucci, from Rio de Janeiro, but born in the United States. “Born in Princeton, lives in New York. This guy shouldn’t be running for the Prize’. I’m sure that some people thought this way, but what really happened was that I was only born here. (…) I stayed in the United States six months since I was born until I had conditions to move back to Brazil, and then I lived my whole life in Rio.” Learn more about the career and history of the artist.

Schedule | 21st to 22nd May

Check out the full agenda for this week of exhibitions and events related to PIPA artists, Nominating Committee members, Board members, MAM-Rio and relevant information about art in Brazil and abroad.

This week at MAM-Rio

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) Last weekend to check out “Precious few…!”, with a selection of works from MAM-Rio’s collection that recreate, without a totalizing pretension, the history of the 20th Century art, and articulate with the permanent exhibition “Genealogias do Contemporâneo”, in which the focus is on Brazilian art. At the Museum’s Cinematheque, a special program dedicated to Swedish filmmaker Ingmar Bergman is on view. This week, films as “Brink of Life” and “Secrets of Women” will be screened. See the full Museum programme, the Cinematheque calendar and screening times and the Education and Art activities.

Opening | “Corte Seco”, solo show by Alberto Bitar

(Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil) Belém is among the 50 more violent cities in the world according to Mexican non governmental organization Citizen Council for Public Security and Criminal Justice. However, violence is just a backdrop in this photographic immersion made during the report police patrols which the artist accompanied for a year. “With time, I started to realize some connections between works that I had produced previously, that talk about memory, transience, and other existential questions with come of the aspects present on the images produced for the Police Section on a periodical”, explains Alberto Bitar

“It’s Gonna Rain”, solo show by Cadu, is on view

(Nowy Sącz, Poland) The title of the exhibition is derived from the piece of music by Steve Reich, who in 1965 achieved the effect of a mechanical loop, replaying on two reel-to-reel tape recorders the words ‘it’s gonna rain’. Formally, the piece was a precursor of electronic music. Cadu’s attitude to modernist music is entirely empirical. The artist is fascinated by borderline sound and spatial forms that transcend the instrument itself.  Cadu derives rhythm from the repetition of contrasts; he finds it in natural cycles and in marking out topographic and distance pointers. A childlike curiosity and experimental instinct returns in Cadu’s works in the shape of toy mechanisms, modified to suit new meanings, as well as in natural history experiments and recycled materials.

On view | Arts Triennial “Surround Audience”, with Daniel Steegmann Mangrané

(New York, US) Featuring fifty-one artists from over twenty-five countries, “Surround Audience” pursues numerous lines of inquiry, including: What are the new visual metaphors for the self and subjecthood when our ability to see and be seen is expanding, as is our desire to manage our self-image and privacy? Is it possible to opt out of, bypass, or retool commercial interests that potentially collude with national and international policy? How are artists striving to embed their works in the world around them through incursions into media and activism?

Raul Mourão presents brand new works in “Please Touch”

(New York, US) With its humorous nods to constructive and conceptual art, Please Touch entails active contemplation from the spectator, in that it extends familiar objects into the arena of the nonsensical. Works featured in Please Touch include Street Arrow, inspired by road signage and old advertising panels; Touch Please, a play on the ubiquitous scaffolding structures used in construction sites; and Basement, a reference to the metal basement doors found in front of restaurants and bodegas throughout the city.

Vivian Caccuri presents a silent walk as a part of “Encruzilhada”

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) In the show, works are organised in six clusters that talk about the physical space of the crossroad – where politic protests, Carnival, flirt, traffic movement and macumba happen, and also situations in which decisions have to be made. During the exhibition period, a weekly schedule of live performances, meetings and talks will be created, resulting in new experiences for the viewers. Tomorrow, a new schedule with live performances will take part in the show. Learn more.

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