Daily Archives: May 25, 2015

Vivian Caccuri presents brand new works in “Condomínio”

(São Paulo, Brazil) In “Condominium,” Caccuri shows four different series of new works, making use of technology to reflect on the permeability – often curtailed – between public space and private space. The materials, shapes, places, and dynamics of “Condominium” are part of the research for “Silent Walk.” While Caccuri researches the locations for the wandering in silence, she encounters people, objects, and situations that cumulatively become elements for projects such as those in the exhibition.

“Lona”, solo show by Gustavo Speridião, opens for the public today

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) The exhibition title is extracted from the support used by the artist, cotton canvas, and the paintings are exposed without frames, attached directly to the wall, “in a simple assembly”, tells the artist. In the ground floor of the gallery, fourteen paintings with dimensions of 2m x 7m each one, and in the terrace, four canvasses, shaped with 5,9m x 2m to 1,8m x 1m. The series are a development of the work by Gustavo Speridião, who has politics and painting as a main focus: “exploring the pictorial plan and politic questions, using paint, coal and collages (words, abstractions and posters)”.

Last days | “Do Objeto para o Mundo – Coleção Inhotim”, with Cinthia Marcelle, Daniel Steegmann Mangrané, Marcellvs L. and Marcius Galan

(São Paulo, Brazil) “Do Objeto para o Mundo” [“From the Object to the World”] is the first itinerant exhibition of Inhotim Collection and gathers works by 29 artists from different generations and parts of the world. The show occupies Itaú Cultural building in São Paulo after a season at Fundação Clóvis Salgado, in Belo Horizonte. Works presented in this exhibition propose one of many anthologies possible in this archive. The title refers to the movement of approximation of art works and the daily experience in the viewer’s world.

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