Carla Zaccagnini revisits the campaign for women’s suffrage in “Elements of Beauty”

(Colchester, UK)

Firstsite Colchester is holding until May 31st “Elements of Beauty”, solo show by Carla Zaccagnini. This is the artist’s first solo exhibition in a public gallery in the United Kingdom

Carla Zaccagnini’s project, “Elements of Beauty”, revisits the campaign for women’s suffrage in Britain a century ago. The installation examines a series of actions that took place in British museums between 1913 and 1914, when over 20 artworks and artefacts at the Manchester Art Gallery and the National Gallery in London ­– most notably, Diego Velázquez’s The Toilet of Venus (or The Rokeby Venus, 1647–51) – were attacked by Suffragettes.

Zaccagnini’s artwork draws upon research into this history, quoting statistics, primary evidence and newspaper reports from the time, and information about the artworks at the centre of the iconoclastic acts. The exhibition will include a series of new sculptures based upon the weapons used by the Suffragettes, a book and an audio guide recording each of the 29 damaged objects. Elements of Beauty is the first solo exhibition of Carla Zaccagnini’s work in a public gallery in the UK.

“Elements of Beauty”, solo show by Carla Zaccagnini
On view through May 31st

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