Interview with PIPA 2015 Nominated Artists | Meet Gabriel Giucci

Annually, artist who take part in PIPA Prize are invited to record an exclusive video-interview. With them, we learn more about the artists, their careers, ideas and motivations.

Today, we release the first interview with PIPA 2015 nominated artists. We talked with Gabriel Giucci, from Rio de Janeiro, but born in the United States. “Born in Princeton, lives in New York. This guy shouldn’t be running for the Prize’. I’m sure that some people thought this way”, says the artist who lived the most part of his life in Rio de Janeiro.

The artist talks about his fascination by people and physiognomies seen on daily life and about his attempt to register time in a plastic way. “It’s necessary for nowadays painters to retract their time, as Manet did. But this talk must be intercalated to the past painters. It has to be based in a certain Art History.”

Watch the interview:


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