Member of the Nominating Committee in PIPA Prize’s first edition, Luiz Braga takes part in the prize as a nominated artist

Graduated in Architechture by Federal University of Pará, Luiz Braga started in photography at the age of eleven. Up until 1981, he photographed mainly in black and white. After this phase, he discovered the vibrant colors of the vernacular Amazonian landscape and, by invitation of the National Arts Foundation, he travelled throughout the region and improved his photographic repertoire. In 1987, he returns to black and white from his early days, and depicts the Amazon’s caboclo and his surroundings, consequently being awarded with the Prize Marc Ferrez.

His enchantment by the colors and the pictorial possibilities extracted from the confrontation between natural light and the multiple sources of light from the boats, parks, and popular bars resulted in the series Anos Luz, awarded with the “Leopold Godowsky Color Photography Award” in 1991.

His unique approach steers away from the stereotypical views on the Amazon. And the mastery of color turned him into a reference in contemporary Brazilian photography. In 2009, he was one of Brazil’s representatives in the 53rd edition of the Venice Biennial, in Italy. Recently, Braga was awarded with APCA Prize for Best Photography Exhibition in 2014.

Former member of the Nominating Committee, responsible for nominating artists to PIPA, in the first edition of the Prize, Braga takes part this year as a nominated artist. Access the recently created page to learn more about the artist’s career and works.


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