New solo show by Rodrigo Torres presents a language that goes through painting

(Paraná, Brazil)

SIM Gallery holds from tomorrow until June the solo show “Trompe-l’oeil”, by artist Rodrigo Torres. The exhibition gathers works that go through different supports and materials.

Adapted from text by Felipe Scovino:
The works collection for this exhibition is composed by different media and materials but mainly the language that shows up is painting. It is specifically a technique with perspective tricks that creates an optical illusion, by which the viewer wonders about the quality of reality. Without a precise date for its origin, with remote appearances in ancient Greece and Rome, the trompe-l’oeil is rescued by Rodrigo Torres.

Sistema de desinformação geográfica (Geographic misinformation system, 2015) is perhaps the series of works that cause more noise for the talkative eyes, if it is compared to a regular painting. By superimposing several images – captured by search engines or documented by the artist himself – of landscapes, rocks, mountains and the neighborhoods of Rio de Janeiro, and then paste them, cut them, almost like carving them, and finally applying light touches, Torres does not only create volume and texture to the “landscape painting”, but he also creates an optical experience that scrambles our vision by pointing the proportion and the height of those highs.

The Esquecidos series (Forgotten, 2014) opens another direction in this constant dialogue of Rodrigo Torres with painting. Here the still life is called into question. Objects that are ordinary or that make the artist’s routine up in his studio are drawn with pastels and crayons on glass plates. Approaching the Renaissance sfumato technique and leading it to a radicalization, the artist constructs an object that remains in a gray area: it is not present in a complete form, because it is almost disappearing in the fog. You cannot notice the lines and edges of the drawing as there are smooth differences between shades.

“Trompe-l’oeil”, solo show by Rodrigo Torres
On view through June 6th

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