Interview with Nominated Artists | Watch the three new exclusive videos released this week

Annually, artists who take part in PIPA Prize are invited to record an exclusive video-interview. With them, we learn more about the artists, their careers, ideas and motivations. All the interviews are produced by Matrioska Filmes. This week, we released three new interviews, with Arthur Scovino, Gisele Camargo and Juan Parada.

Arthur Scovino

Born in São Gonçalo, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Arthur Scovino – nominated for the first time in 2014 – moved Salvador, Bahia, in 2009 to “research and live art intensively, as an artistic residency in Bahia, but for real, with no plans to come back to Rio de Janeiro”. The artist told this story in his first exclusive interview for PIPA 2014.

Now, in his second interview for the Prize, Scovino talks about the continuity of his work, which is presented mainly through performance and photography. The artist – who creates butterflies in his house – tells about his studies and a series of performances thought to be placed in butterfly houses. “It’s a magical place […] the butterflies are flying around you, all the time, numerous species reunited there, and an audience who is not a contemporary art public”.

Watch the video:

Gisele Camargo

Rio-based Gisele Camargo has been nominated for every edition from 2012 through 2015. This is her third exclusive interview for the Prize.

In it, Gisele speaks of her recent works with collages she develops alongside her painting, in which she uses photographs and old notebooks. Making four collages a day, over a year, the artist plans on one day exhibition the 1460 works resulting from this process, each collage relating to a sentence.

Watch the video:

Juan Parada

PIPA Nominated Artist this year for the first time, Juan Parada works with installations, sculptures, urban interventions and spacial insertions. The artist develops researches about tridimensionality, time-space relations and architectonic dialogues.

This interview – conceded exclusively for PIPA – Parada talks about his succulent plants collection, his work with plants and ceramic. “It’s an apprehension of what happens in natural, but I encapsulate that in the object I created and turn it upside down”.

Watch the video, learn more and see the artist’s atelier:

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