Schedule | 7th to 8th May

The schedule below shows events related to PIPA artists, Nominating Committee members – from all editions -, Board members, MAM-Rio and relevant information about art.

To ease your search the events are organized based on what is going on at the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro (MAM-Rio) and by region.
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“Actions, strategies, and situations…” | Until 3rd May 2015

“Precious few…!” | Until May 17th

“Mutações – Matías Duville” | Until May 10th

“O Fim da Matéria – Damián Ortega” | Until June 14th

“To see and be seen” | Until July 19th

“Genealogias do Contemporâneo” | Long term exhibition

“MAM: Sua história, seu patrimônio | Permanent exhibition


“Tombo”, installation by Rodrigo Braga | Until May 24th at Casa-França Brasil

“Ambiguidades”, group show with Felipe Barbosa, Marco Antonio Portela and Rosana Ricalde | Until May 9th at Ateliê da Imagem Espaço Cultural

“Encruzilhada”, group show with Afonso Tostes, Alexandre Mazza, Ana Mazzei, André Komatsu, Antonio Dias, Armando Queiroz, Berna Reale, Beto Shwafaty, Cao Guimarães e Rivane Neuenschwander, Carla Zaccagnini, Carlos Vergara, Chico Fernandes, Cinthia Marcelle e Tiago Mata Machado, Daniel Steegmann Mangrané, Ivan Grilo, Joana Traub Csekö, Laura Lima, Lenora de Barros, Luiz Braga, Maria Laet, Milton Marques, Nazareno Rodrigues, OPAVIVARÁ!, Paulo Nazareth, Rafael RG, Raquel Versieux, Regina Parra, Renata Lucas, Rodrigo Braga, Vivian Caccuri e Waltércio Caldas | Until June 2nd at Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage

“Ao artista de circo, Bye Bye Brasil”, solo show by Gabriela Noujaim | Until June 7th at Oi Futuro Flamengo


“Imagine Brazil”, with Adriano Costa, Cinthia Marcelle, Deyson Gilbert, Gustavo Speridião, Jonathas de Andrade, Marcellvs L., Mayana Redin, Paulo Nazareth, Paulo Nimer Pjota, Rodrigo Matheus, Sara Ramo, Sofia Borges and Thiago Martins de Melo | Until May 3rd at Instituto Tomie Ohtake

“Terra Comunal – Marina Abramovic + MAI” with Ayrson Heráclito, Grupo EmpreZa and Maurício Ianês | Until May 10th at SESC Pompeia

“Eu quero ver”, solo show by Ivan Grilo | Until May 16th at Casa Triângulo

“Akakor”, group show with Felipe Cohen and Marcius Galan | Until May 23rd at Baró Galeria

“Do Objeto para o Mundo”, group show with Cinthia Marcelle, Daniel Steegmann Mangrané, Marcellvs L. and Marcius Galan | Until May 31st at Itaú Cultural

Projeto Parede: Wagner Malta Tavares – Círios | Until 21st June at Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo

5th Marcantonio Vilaça Nominees group show with Bárbara Wagner, Berna Reale, Beto Shwafaty, Cinthia Marcelle, Daniel Acosta, Gê Orthof, Grupo EmpreZa, Jorge Menna Barreto, Lais Myrrha, Lia Chaia, Lourival Cuquinha, Mabe Bethônico, Marcelo Moscheta, Milton Marques, Otavio Schipper, OPAVIVARÁ!, Paulo Nazareth, Raquel Stolf, Reginaldo Pereira, Rodrigo Braga , Thiago Martins de Melo, Virginia de Medeiros and Waléria Américo | Until December 6th at MAC USP Ibirapuera


Arts Triennial “Frestas”, with Afonso Tostes, Bárbara Wagner, Bruno Vilela, Caetano Dias, Cao Guimarães, Lenora de Barros, Malu Saddi and Raquel Stolf | Until 3rd May 2015 at several venues across the city


Vancouver Biennale features installations by contemporary Brazilian artists | At Pipefitters Square, Vancouver


“Moment!”, group show with Carla Zaccagnini | Until May 3rd at Kunstverein Göttingen, in Göttingen


“Elements of Beauty”, solo show by Carla Zaccagnini | Until May 31st at Firstsite, in Colchester

“Pangaea II: New Art From Africa and Latin America”, group show with Eduardo Berliner | Until September 6th, at Saatchi Gallery, in London


“Piece by Piece: Building a Collection”, group show with Mariana Palma | Until April 26th, at Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, in Kansas

“One Made It No Return Created Equal White Mirror Amnesia”, group show with Marcius Galan | Until May 2nd at Broadway 1602, in New York

“Kaleidoscope: abstraction in architecture”, with Lucia Koch | Until May 16th at Christopher Grimes Gallery, in California

Arts Triennial “Surround Audience”, with Daniel Steegmann Mangrané | Until May 24th at New Museum, in New York

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