Today | Marcelo Cipis launches a book with a collection of his oeuvre

(São Paulo, Brazil)

On the 30th May, from 3 to 5pm, the artist Marcelo Cipis will be releasing a book with his ouevre, the 22nd volume of the USP Artists collection. The publication gathers from early works to more recent productions, from the 2000s. The book launch will be held at the Emma Thomas gallery.

Since early stages of his productions, in the 1980s, Cipis moves between different artistic movements, processing various influences and creating a sort of character mixture, always playfully and experimentally, according to his statement. Valéria Piccoli analyses the artist’s ouevre and comments his trajectory and influences, saying: “Cipis removes from objects their functional purpose and the context this gives them meaning, emphasizing the dimension of copy. He is aware of the power an artist has in transforming objects by manipulating them through representation. More than any object in itself, what interests Cipis are the multiple possibilities of representing.”

Marcelo Cipis’ book launch
Saturday, 30th May, from 3 to 5pm
Free and open admission

Galeria Emma Thomas
Rua Estados Unidos, 2205 – São Paulo
Telefones: + 55 11 3063 2149 | +55 11 3063 2193

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